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accessing website problem

Hi all,

i cannot access a certain website ( e.g www.hotmail.com ), but i can access the port 80 via telnet. what is the problem ? can it be a router config problem ?
1 Solution
Hotmail responds to several IP addresses, one of which may have been down at the time you connected.

If you telnet into all of these IP addresses, only one may fail and the others may be fine.

Name:    www.hotmail.com

I hope this helps.
are you going these sites at work? if yes, ur IT dept might block everyone from acessing these websites....

if it is ur computer at home, u might have set the cookies to block accessing those websites or u used some firewall software like zonealarm, norton internet security, etc...

Alanchia03, we can come up with a lot of reasons for this behaviour, but the right reason? Well only after we ask a few questions.

I'm assuming you're trying this from work?

If so: Your work may be using a proxy server. The proxy server probably has in place filters that restrict access to various websites. Your browser is configured to use this proxy server, and so you are subject to those filters.

When using Telnet, it is doubtful that your workplace uses the same proxy server, and accompanying filters, to restrict access to Internet destinations.

Yes it is the same destination IP address, and the same destination port, but your web browser says "I'll let this proxy server handle my request", whereas telnet says "I'll just try to connect and see what happens"

That "see what happens" is the key; most companies just blindly allow telnet to happen without any filtering of any kind. Amazing that they still don't 'get' it.
I had the same problem when using access-lists with my cisco firewall. Try asking the Firewall guy to allow ICMP redirects. He might laugh, but you never know.

hotmail uses hundreds of servers, and I beleive that they use redirects to point your browser to the correct server that contains your email. If the icmp redirect is blocked at the router, then your browser times out waiting for directions.

my 0.02$

Good luck.  



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