routing using win98 to another ip on lan

Have win98 machine connected to the net using dialup with fixed ip.

The IP of this machine is
Want to route requests to another machine on lan which has webserver running.
The ip of this machine is

The end requirement is to access website on machine with
ip port 8080.

I believe i need to use route add etc. etc. and change key in regedit.
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You don't need to route when you're on the same segment.
If I understand your question correctly, you're trying to access a webpage on the server, and you can't get to it because it can't find correct?
If so, the easiest way to do that is add the IP and server name to your hosts file on the Win98 box. That way, it can resolve to
what subnet mask are you using on your network(s)
Surely you wont be able to route anyone to you webserver as it has a hidden internal IP and not a public one. The only way you would be able to do this is to have a static IP assigned by your ISP.

Steve, is this the case or am I mistaken?

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Dave, you can route on/in an internal LAN
Now if the questioner wants external access to the server, and is using NAT, then they need to forward port 8080
but from what I read, they just want internal access, and if using custom subnets, then they need to route. If using the default subnet for class c ( then they don't need to route, and should just be able to access by ip (and as stated by SlyDog to resolve the host name, use a hosts file)
tyedogAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments.
Sorry I did not provide enough info.

I do want to have extenal access to the webserver and the ISP has assigned a static ip.

Subnet masks are

Please expand on hosts file?

OK, if the subnet mask is then for internal access by name (not ip address you need to add an entry tot he hosts file as advised
some info on the hosts file
also see here
and here

Note: the file is named hosts not hosts.sam (this is a sample file that windows will not use)
and the entry will be something like this
where is the name you have given

now external access will be trickier
you will have to have access to the router that connects your internal network to the internet and forward the port (usually 80) to
then there is the matter of registering your domain name and having your isp add it to it's dns server
or you could check out
tyedogAuthor Commented:
Further to last comment.

The router is a win98 machine as mentioned in my question.
How do i route using win98 - do i use "route add"?

If so what entries do i need to make?

This machine is coonected to the web using proxy server software. 602 pro.

Accessing the machine both internally and externally by ip address is not a problem.
Ah, I think I see, you want external access to the web server, and are using 602 pro to share the connection
YOu will have to read the documentation to find out how to forward the port(s) you need
http is port 80
I assume the web server is not the same machine that 602 is installed on.

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I read through some of the 602pro docs (thanks for the leg work Steven), and the mapped links appear to be outbound only, not inbound. You should probably ask Software602 if their product allows inbound port mapping, I.E. port 80 on the win98 box to port 8080 on your web server (or whatever port you like).

As for the 'route add' question, this won't fix the problem. Routing is a way to tell a machine how to get to an IP that's not part of it's segment. Since the win98 and web server boxes are on the same segment, this isn't an routing issue.

You're on the right track with the 602 software though. Check Steven's references to the 'mapped links', hopefully I'm wrong, and 602 does do inbound redirection.

Good luck, keep slugging away!
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