About w2k - Inaccessible boot device?

Hi my name is Martin and i have a problem with harddisks... when i have one harddisk, it´s no problem, but when i connect my other two harddisks i get this error message with a blue screen on startup. it says "inaccessible boot device". what is this? what can i do to get rid of this problem? is it something wrong with my hardware?

Please i really need help!!

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How are the other hard disks configured? Master, slave?

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pemanAuthor Commented:
ok, sorry i forgot that...

my first harddisk is on primary master and cd-rom on primary slave. the other two harddisks are on secondary master and slave, and i have tested and configured the jumpers in every position and in every ways.

when i start with one or two harddisks it works sometimes and with three, rarely...
Have you tried to find the two hard disks through the BIOS, maybe that will help.
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pemanAuthor Commented:
Hi again!! it worked!! i did what you said but i had to turn off the cd-rom!! and w2k seems to mount the cd-rom in windows...

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