Speed Up Windows 2000 Tips

Posted on 2003-03-14
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-13
Can somebody list a few tips to Speed up Win2K.

200 Points for best tips.

Question by:parkhadr
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Expert Comment

ID: 8136033
Make sure you remove your temporary files often.
Try to increase your Paging file size.
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Expert Comment

ID: 8136045
Also make sure you don(t overload your desktop with all kind of shortcut's.

Expert Comment

ID: 8136129
Adding RAM will have no effect unless existing RAM is fully utilised, neither will increasing pagefile size, although it's better to have one single large chunk of pagefile rather than many added extents if the initial size is too small The tip to avoid cluttering your desktop with shortcuts is valid, however.

Defragmenting regularly will help, as will restricting the size of Temporary Internet Files folder.

Don't have too many fonts installed - uses up RAM and slows down desktop display somewhat.

If you use MS Office, disable FINDFAST - serves little purpose, and spends its time scanning your HD for new files you haven't created yet.

Moving the pagefile to a second HD will usually help (NOT to another partition on the primary drive, this will degrade performance).
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Expert Comment

ID: 8136178
Run Autoruns from SysInternals (http//www.sysinternals.com) and eliminate anything you don't NEED.

Run Adaware (get version 6) from Lavasoft (http://www.lavasoft.de) and get rid of everything it suggests

Turn off the indexing service, as well as any service you know you don't need (if you are talking about a home computer that is by itself, what do you need messenger service for?)

Of course clear out all of your temp directories and reduce the simultaneously on-screen icons.

-Steven Yarnot

Expert Comment

ID: 8136287
Download msconfig.exe from Microsoft, be careful using it, but in the startup tab you can uncheck programs that use your system tray ie Kazaa, Real Player etc, make sure that you do not uncheck any that point to your system folder only program files. You can also in the Boot.ini tab check noguiboot, this stops windows loading the 2000 animated loadscreen this will shave a few seconds off your boot-time.

Next get tweakui off Microsoft's site, install it. It's a control panel so go to them and launch it.
1. in the Mouse tab make menu speed fast, and drag 1.
2. In the General tab uncheck all bar Prevent Applications from stealing focus.
3. In Explorer uncheck Manipulate connected files as a unit.
4. In the IE tab uncheck shell enhancements.
That about wraps it up.

Expert Comment

ID: 8136805
Quoting YarnoSG: "Run Adaware (get version 6) from Lavasoft (http://www.lavasoft.de) and get rid of everything it suggests"

A note about adaware, if you use the standard kazaa and want to continue using it, DO NOT REMOVE THE "GATOR" BRAND SPYWARE. In respect to Kazaa, there are other ways to neuter it...
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Expert Comment

ID: 8137080

This Windows 2000 Registry edit speeds up disk access performance ONLY IF using the NTFS file system, for disk management applications that list/edit directory structures, like Windows Explorer, File Manager

By default every time a directory is accessed or displayed, its "Last Access" date + time stamp is updated by the OS.

To speed up the interface, run Regedit and go to:

In the right hand pane look for the "NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate" DWORD [REG_DWORD] Value.
If present: edit the Decimal Value to read 1.
If absent: create a new DWORD Value: right-click on an empty spot in the right hand pane -> select New -> DWORD Value -> name it "NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate" -> double-click on it -> check the Decimal box -> type 1 -> click OK.
To revert to the OS default setting (always update NTFS "Last Access"): change 1 to read 0 in the Decimal box or delete "NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate".
Close the Registry editor and reboot to see the change.


Accepted Solution

NicoLaan earned 800 total points
ID: 8137106
No desktop image
Lower screen resolution
Lower color depth. (256 color instead of 16 million if you can stand to use this)

I'd also suggest to place tempfiles on another partition, to avoid them fragmenting your system partition.
I also place the swapfile on a seperate partition for that purpose although Rambler24 says this doesn't help for one disk. I heard it does. Never tested though.
If you can place your swapfile on another disk, make sure it's not a slower one! I once read, the more heads a disk has, the faster (when you compare simular drives). i.e. a 60GB Maxtor should be faster than a 40GB (same model) because / if it has more heads.

Organise your folders, if you have many files in a folder it's slower. This also counts for your favorites. Only now you might have to search / click more... Eeeuh, your choice. :-)

You can look at all the started services and see which ones you can disable. If you turn of the wrong one your computer can hang, be carefull. Just try working without a service and see if all works fine for a while. Or ask us if you need it.
Here info about XP services, didn't look for such a thing for 2000, but think it'll be mostly the same.

You can also run all your services without swapping (dangerous I believe if you have too little memory!!).
"In the registry, go to
HKLM\System\Current\ControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
There is a type REG-DWORD entry there named "DisablePagingExecutive".  The default value is "0" (zero).  Set it to "1" (one) to prohibit kernel and driver paging."
Here is the link about disabling swapping for services.

Expert Comment

ID: 8137580
even though the follow sites is for Windows XP:



however these are the things u need to take care in win2K too

Expert Comment

ID: 8139570
There is a web site dedicated for performance tweaks and tips

Expert Comment

ID: 8140449
I don't have time to go through all these links right now(though I probably will in the future), but one thing you can do is manually set

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management>secondleveldatacache

to the correct amount of L2 cache that is present on your processor. Many times Windows does not correctly detect this, and setting it usually makes a noticeable difference.

Expert Comment

ID: 8155647

Why not remove Gator if you have Kazaa...it doesn't need it to function...it doesn't need any of the additive software...they may tell you that, but I have never installed it, and have never had it on my computer, and yet still have the ability to use Kazaa...even though I deleted that too...such a hog.

Expert Comment

ID: 8158570
How about taking out the OS2 and POSIX subsystems if you don't use them:


-Steven Yarnot

Author Comment

ID: 8158631
Thanks for all the comments and tips.

NicoLaan's tips had the greater effect.

Expert Comment

ID: 8159812
rustyrpage :

my kazaa wouldn't function after I removed gator, sooo I don't know if you're using Kazaa Lite or what's going on there. Another note on neutering kazaa, sorta off topic, but you can goto www.cexx.org and grab their cydoor which IS one that will cause kazaa not to work if you remove it...) spyware neuterer.

YarnoSG: awesome link!! Thx man!

Expert Comment

ID: 8540742
Just read my old emails and see you gave me an A grade!
Sorry for the late reply, but still thanks!!
Kind regards, Nico

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