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Speed problems with Broadband/Router

I have an NTL Broadband connection via a set top box. I also have a Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL Router connecting up 3 PC's. The PC's are good specifications, and mine is running Windows XP.

I recently upgraded from 600k NTL broadband speed to 1MB, but my actual speed has only gone up by about 10%. I have tried the NTL technical help line,but they wont support me because I have a Router. They did say that there may be ways I could tweak my PC or the Router to speed things up, but cant tell me how.

Does anyone know how?

1 Solution
To tweak your linksys router, open the admin page (default surf to: login with your info. Then hit the setup tab. Then click on the Advanced tab. There are several tweakable settings there. One I would do is change your MTU setting. This is found in the Filters tab. Your MTU size depends on your ISP, there are many sites you can find on what settings are good to tweak (www.speedguide.net) though you should do the testing with 1 PC hooked up then move the settings over to your router when you have the good settings.
enable mtu then for the size start from 1492 or 1400
I've read differing views on this, but it's worth a try. XP reserves 20% of available bandwidth for applications. You can disable this feature. Microsoft claims that the bandwidth is reserved, but is still available, whatever that means.

Give it a shot. It might help.

From http://www.tweak.us/xp.html

Increase Internet bandwidth by 20% or more (QoS Packet Scheduler)
This tweak is designed for broadband users:

1.Log on as "Administrator".

2. Run - gpedit.msc

3. Expand the "Local Computer Policy" branch

4. Then expand the "Administrative Templates" branch

5. Expand the "Network" branch

6. Highlight the "QoS Packet Scheduler" in left pane.

7. In the right window pane double-click the "Limit Reservable Bandwidth" setting

8. On the settings tab check the "Enabled" item

9. Change "Bandwidth limit %" to read 0

10. Then go to your Network connections Start=>Connect to=>Show All Connections and
right-click on your connection. Then under the General or the Networking tab,
(where it lists your protocols) make sure QoS packet scheduler is enabled.

 It may take effect immediately on some systems. To be sure, just re-boot.

shazbatAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys, but I already tried the MTU change and the QoS Packet change before I posted the query. Also tried emptying the cache, but nothing has helped so far :(
Ok well then your ISP isnt providing the bandwith..
Hook it up to 1 pc, and try then
If its speedy, then it is your router.. and youll possibly need find firmware or a better 1..

If its not up to speed then its def your cable company.

Try speed tests .. find an ip and ping at diff times of day.
Cable companies get bogged down during peak hours, 4-9 so thats when its the slowest..

I had problems w/ mine, its a 640k/128k connection that was running at 230/100.. (speedtest.net)
Then i bitched, they said it was my router .. etc, then i saw a tech, asked how bogged down the isp was, and he said they needed to add a ton of **** to the local tower because they are providing too much service w/o proper resources. After a few new hard lines, im at 520/130k.. not peak, but its getting better w/ time.

Cable modems are fast only depending how bogged down your network is. Problem is they run specials to upgrade, way to go marketing, and more people sign up than they hoped for. Do they deny service? No...they should but the dont.
If u live around a campus, etc - theyre slow..
Granted the packet size might be big, but they usually time out due to high ping.

Oh if we could all afford t1's ;)


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