Exe parameter passing (basics for some)

Hi to all

I got a small program that need to pass variables from one to another. Now i want to know how to pass a variable from an apllication to another exe and the other way around aswell if possible. I would apretiate a small working program for testing!! Anyone has an idea???

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cbuenoAuthor Commented:
I believe this would be do using the shell command!!
Pass it like :

Shell "c:\myexe.exe MyVars"

and fetch it like

MyVar = Command()

If you're speaking of standard exes, you can pass parameters while shelling:
shell "c:\myexe.exe parm1,parm2,parm3"
and retrieve them in the shelled pgm using Command$ function:
dim retvar as string
dim parms() as string
But pass parameters back from shelled one to caller is not that easy. A workaround is to make the called write on a file, and the caller readingf the file from time to time (or - using waitforsingleobject Api - make the caller read the file only once the called pgm has ended its job).
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Compile this as an exe and run the file with parameters

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim CommandVars As String
CommandVars = Command()
If CommandVars <> "" Then MsgBox "You typed '" & CommandVars & "' as parameter", vbInformation
End Sub

Happy Programming,
Ayhan Elatik

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cbuenoAuthor Commented:

Cos i am kind of new in this area i have to ask a silly question!!

Now in:  MyVar = Command()

So as what should i declare this variable as???
Does it has to be global???
And if i call it in Form_Load, I just go

Private Sub Form_Load()
MyVar = Command()

End Sub
cbuenoAuthor Commented:
Ok Ayhan Elatik

I got it!!! Easier than i thought!!
Full marks =)

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