IPSEC Policy Agent service

I am running Win2K Pro SP3.  Ive been having trouble sending (but not receiving) emails for the past couple weeks.  After much testing of settings etc, the technician at my ISP suggested that I turn-off the service: IPSEC Policy Agent service.  Now I can send emails, it seems, without any problem.

How much of a risk I am taking by disabling the IPSEC Policy Agent service.  I have DSL connection and am running behind a NAT firewall (Linksys BEFSR41).

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Ghost_HackerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The IPSEC policy agent service is used to "apply" ipsec policies.  If you have not setup an IPSec policy then disabling this service will do no harm. Just remember to re-enable it if you wish to use IPsec in the future.
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