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Determine version of Notes client

How can I determine the Notes version of all our clients without bothering them to run software or check manually. I'm looking for something like de server versions in the NAB.

Thanks in advance.
1 Solution
Send them a mail with a button, WHich will send you the mail with the version of the clien they are using

Return value
String. The release number.
In column, selection, mail agent, and scheduled agent formulas, @Version returns the release number of the Notes/Domino server or workstation containing the database. In all other formulas, @Version returns the release number of the Notes/Domino workstation running the formula.
The following table maps the numbers returned by @Version to each Notes/Domino version.
Number Returned by @Version     Corresponding Notes/Domino version
114     Notes 3.x
136     Notes 4.0, 4.0x
138     Notes 4.1, 4.1x
145     Notes 4.5, 4.5x
147     Notes 4.6
166     Notes 5.0, 5.0x

can't really, but you could send them an email with a button, or a stored form email with some auto-execute code built onto it.

You can get trickier -- put a bit of code into a production database that everyone uses.  ;-)

Slip this code into the database script, or a form's queryopen event:

const xsendaddress = "MyUserNameToSendTheMailTo"
dim xsession as new notessession
dim xcurrentdb as notesdatabase
set xcurrentdb as xsession.currentdatabase
dim xnewdoc as new notesdocument(xcurrentdb)
xnewdoc.form = "Memo"
xnewdoc.subject = cstr(xsession.NotesBuildVersion)
xnewdoc.body = cstr(xnotesSession.NotesBuildVersion)
xnewdoc.sendto = xsendaddress
call xnewdoc.send(false)

change only the first line.  I used the "x" in front of all variables so you could drop this code into an existing script without causign any problems.

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