sound card driver problem

Hi my newly installed windows xp can't find my sound card.In the Device manager I see yellow question marks with cmI8330/c3d.I have tried to download the driver for this but I cannot install it.I have downloaded 3 files.They are zip files.One is just a read file.I downloaded from help would be appreciated.
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stretchspConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure you have the win XP drivers

have you unzipped the files?
While you unzip them, note where they are stored.
Then go into the device manager and remove your sound card and reboot the machine.  Windows should detect the sound card, when it asks for the location of the drivers, point it to the folder where the files were unzipped to.
esh195Author Commented:
Hi I forgot to mention that after I unzipped the files, when I clicked on them to install I received this message:
windows cannot open this file

how can I install this file and the other one?
you don't usually install a driver after it is unzipped by double clicking on one of the files that was unzipped.  Unless you see something with the file extension ".exe"

To install the files, do what I mentioned above about removing the sound card drivers for the device manager
you can choose the update drivers if you go into device manager, select your sound card and then choose properties.  In there should be an option to update drivers.  When it asks for the location, point it to where you unzipped the files.
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