Win98 logon script %username%

Hi !

I am a script beginer and need u help a little bit !

So we move our file server from Novell 5 to Win2k server this weekend and created all the script
for our user, before with Novell we had a script for pepeople to have a personnal folder ( p: )
the script was simple but working ( map root p:=prx\data:usagers\%login_name ) and each user
had there ( p: ) but now the probleme is that our station are 80% Win98 and 20% Win2k pro
and the ( net use p: \\prx\%username% ) only work with Win2k pro ( I know use Kixtart )
but i am to beginer to use that, so I share the personnal folder, but don t want to map the share
manually, but rader use in a logon script ( 30% of the station is use by many user )
so if some pepeole know a script that would work , please help me out.

Right now i am trying with this ( set homedir= \prx\%username%
                                  net use p: \prx\homedir      )

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SimonvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi echos,

I use this methos for my login script for Win98 and it also works on XP and 2000. Place the batch file in the NETLOGON shared folder on you W2k server then in the users profile put the name of the batchfile file and also there home directory letter and path to match. the /HOME switch will then take care of the rest.

REM  ********** Map user drive to letter J: ***************
REM  NOTE: Details in user's profile need to be set
REM  e.g. home directory drive letter = j:
REm  and path = \\<servername>\<sharename>

@echo off
net use j: /HOME


echosAuthor Commented:
Thank you very very much.
It work perfectly

I appreciate ! :0)
No problem. Your very welcome.
Forgot to add, this line will set your clients time and date to be the same as your server!!!

NET TIME \\<servername> /SET /YES

Is this worth the points now???? ;o)
Glad it worked, now we need you to accept a comment as the answer, and grade it, so we can close this one out, move it to PAQ, and award the expert (Simonv)
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