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page footer in subreport for pageNofM, duplex print starting odd pages

I have a subreport that spans several pages.  I am using a formula to check the accumulative pagenumber to start a new group on an odd page for duplex printing.  However, I also want to print page x of x on each page. I have set the page numbers to reset after a group change in the subreport, but the page footer changes to a group footer when I insert it into my main report, thus the page x of x only prints on the last page of the group.  If I reset the page numbers in the main report, this overrides the "start new group on odd page" formula which uses the remainder formula to divide the pagenumber by 2. If the remainder is 0 (even) then a blank page is inserted and the new group starts on the odd page. If I reset the pagenumbers on the main report this formula uses the reset pagenumber instead of the "actual" page position in the report.

How can I achieve both odd page printing and page x of x?
1 Solution
Subreports don't have page headers and footers.

See for an idea on how to fake it out.


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