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I have updated an entire website and need to replace the original one.  Should I delete the old one and publish the new one at the same location?  Or should I just publish the new one without deleting the old one first?  Other than backing up the old one, is there anything else I should do to prepare for the transition?  Any tips you could give me are much appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
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You should make sure you have a copy of the original on your local machine.  I always save a copy of the my "old" web sites when I need to re-create one or totally re-do.

If the pages on your original site have nothing to do with your new sites, I would delete all of them before uploading.  That way is a search engine has a certain page cahced, and the person click onto it, they will not see incorrect information, they will hopefully get a page re-directing the to a 404 page.  

clballasAuthor Commented:
Good point Corey.  Some of the new pages have the same name as pages on the old web.  Is there a way I can force the browser to update to make sure they are looking at the new information rather than one from their cache?
Welll actually the cache that I was speaking about was from Google or something like that.  A few SEs have a tendency to cache certain pages.  

There is the no-cache meta script & the expires meta script as well.  A have heard different experiences with them.  Myself I do not use the no cache scripts or anything.  

Most browsers will update the information on there every few days so depending on the type of traffic to your site, I honestly would not worry about that.  

Here is a good article that explains it:


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clballasAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help!
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