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Windows NT 4 Server - System Manager

hello everyone,

When I look at system manager in the server, it displays about 100 computers, but the majority of them are greyed out.  Why?  Out of the 100, I would say that there are about 7 computers/servers that are not greyed out.  The strange part is that I can click on a computer and view the properties of that computer.  What is going on???  Please help.  Thank you guys.
1 Solution
Check to make sure the low speed connection option is not selected as this will prevent automatic screen refresh.
Also, sometimes only domain controllers are not greyed out, it depends on the view options you've selected...damn I can't remember the exact menu choices...

Having recently dismantled an NT4 domain, I have this fresh in the brain.*

Server Manager:
Default view is "all" computers.  Some will be "live" (blue) and some not (grey).  Some of the grey ones are actually on the network, but the last logon server that they talked to, is NOT the one that YOU are talking to (the information you are seeing comes from somewhere).  Go to your command prompt;  type SET.  One of the variables you will see is "logon server";  it will be one of your domain controllers, the one you are talking to now.  If you want to look at a different domain controller, go to the top line menu, and "coose another domain"  from there, type \\NameOfNewDC (the name of the new domain controler with two "\" in front of it);  this will point you back at the domain, but from the perspective of THAT machine.

-Steven Yarnot

*this is strictly from memory:  I am writing this on an XP machine with no SERVER Manager around to refresh the memory:  Any mistakes can be chalked up to early onset alzheimers.
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All the gread out computers are old computers, they are  either old computer name on network or they does not exsist on network.

If those computer does not exsist on network, you can simply remove them.

if all the computers are present on the network then the computers are down.

Basically System Manager manages accounts of your computers on the network.

I think this will help you..
I had the same problem just now and I unticked 'show domain members only' in the view menu and all was ferrero rocher.
Yes - that's the menu item I was trying to think of. There's something wierd in NT4 where 'show domain members only' only shows DCs or something...

Thanks for the new lingo, clare1975...I'm feeling pretty ferrero rocher myself today....
Oh JammyPak you're really spoiling us.

Yeah I couldn't work out why unticking showing domain members would do quite the opposite but I never could figure Americans out.
me neither....
actually, I think that clare1975 gave the correct answer - unchecking 'show domain members only'

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