GPS programming Source code...

Hello All,

    I am looking for good GPS source code in Visual Basic, or C or C++ for
personal GPS project.  if you have anything interesting to share, i would
be very interested that you contact me.  If you need anything in return,
Just ask.  I have a lot.

Best regards,

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ChrystianAuthor Commented:
Hello all, I am trying to develop a personal GPS software to run on Windows environment.  if you have any source code, i would be very happy to share anything with you...

Best regards,


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Hi Chrystian, I have just what you need in Visual C++, its an excellent resource, contact me please and advise me what you can share in the GPS field as I am currently authoring a GPS application,
Thank you

Right from the source
Hi All,
  Presently iam working for an project which uses the Siemens TC35 GSM/GPS Module. What i have to do is
                            1) Switch on the GSM & activate the GSM as an MODEM.
                            2) Now communicate with an FTP / any server & put / get some datas from that.
                            3) End up the connection.
                            4) When called or when the main server is sending some datas to my GSM module, I have to get those datas & store in the local file.
      Pls help me to get the coding as soon as possible, as the time is running out for me.  I would be very greatful if you can send the codings in the EVC++ or Likely in EVB.

Waiting for your reply.

Here is an open-source GPS project you might find interesting:

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GIS/GPS Programming

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