joining MID files

I just downloaded a large number of music files in MID format and I would like to join them and play continously.
Is there a tool for this and where can it be found?
I found a tool for joining MP3 files but it doesn't work with MID
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The MIDI format is organized into several channels, each of which is assigned a type of musical instrument. You can't change instruments in the middle of a song, so joining two MIDI files would require you to move all the notes from the second file into new channels of the first, starting at the measure after the first song ended. I couldn't tell you how to do that.

However, if it's the song itself that's important to you, you can convert them to mp3s and then use your utility. Load the midi files into Winamp2 and change the output plugin to Disk Writer (Ctrl+P for Preferences, Plug-ins, Output). You can configure the sound quality to your liking and then try playing the songs; they'll be written to WAV files instead of being played.

You can then convert these WAV files to MP3s using the LAME output plugin:

Make sure you switch back to the waveOut plugin afterwards.

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