Nvidia Geforce - multiple display support with other cards

I have just replaced my AGP graphics card (TNT2) with a Geforce 2 MX. I already have a PCI card installed - my trusty old s3Virge 4Mb. I installed the latest detonator drivers but the System->Hardware panel still complains about the new card. (Bios still selects PCI first - AGP causes it to continually reboot) Sys->Hardware complains & tells me to remove EMM386.EXE. When I remove this from config.sys the machine won't boot - catch 22 ? Any suggestions ? I have spent hours on this....seems to be a common problem across the WWW but no-one has an answer ?
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gilikerAuthor Commented:
P.s. I tried adding EMMExclude=C000-CFFF,C000-CFFF,C000-CFFF to [386Enh] in system.ini

Had no affect at all ....
Your second display addapter has to support multi-monitor in it's own Bios/Firmware.  If it doesn't, you may be out of luck with that card.  Finding a PCI card that would work shoudn't be too hard.  I know off hand that PCI TNT cards work wonderfully as well as Matrox cards, and they can be found cheaply (bonus.)

Another option is to try to trade your current GeForce in for a dual head GeForce.

Personally I run a GeForce 2 GTS and a PCI TNT2 in XP and they both work great.  I used to use a Matrox Millenium with the GeForce, but wanted some hardware GL support.

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