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Is it possible to connect using BDE to a database on a remote server (not on a LAN). The database being used is MSSQL. Can the IP adress be given instead of the SERVER NAME ? This is not being done through a program. I find that this works in a LAN though. Is there any restriction here ? Any additional parameters to be given ?
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Hi LizaPaul
I suppose that if you can achive server using IP inside LAN, then you shoud have no problems to connect to remote server using TCP/IP. You can meet some problems if you are bhind firewall.


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Normally, giving IP instead of server name will only work on a LAN, cuzz there the IP Address is known.

But you can configure the proxy or router so that this one knows the IP Address of that MS SQL Server. Then the router is rerouting 'your' traffic to the sql server.
In configuring the proxy it might be necessary to connect to the proxy using extra parameters.
For example: IP of proxy= then you have to connect with connect string:
or instead of servername the ip address.
LizaPaulAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your suggestions. I found that I could achieve what I needed using DSN.
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