Easy 40pts. outtextxy

Ok, this is easy and i am sure the first person to answer this will get it. I am using Turbo C++, Dos, and i just plain forgot how to outtextxy a varible. Example:

//In a game i have:
int hits=2;
// I want to outext xy this to the screen
int hittemp[10]; //i remember i had to do this
printf(/*i forget what to put in here*/);
outextxy(100,100,/*i forget what to put here to*/);
please help! Tell me how to fix this! Thanks!
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outtextxy.... that's a BGI function, isn't it? If you're not in graphics mode, that would be a problem. The third parameter for outtextxy is, of course, the character string you want to print. To display hits you need to create a character array the length of your hits variable (plus 1 for the \0 character), and store the variable into that array.
if hits is less than 10:
   char hittemp[2];
   hittemp[0] = hits+'0';
if hits is greater than/equal to 10:
   char hittemp[3];
   hittemp[0] = (hits/10)+'0';
   hittemp[1] = (hits%10)+'0';

then just outtextxy(100,100,hittemp);

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PunkmanAuthor Commented:
Ya, i am in graphics mode. I forgot! The reason i hade an array (i don't think you need one) is beause the last time i used it it was to output a varible that was a letter. Lets just say hits is a changing varible, it could be 1 or 2 or 6. I remember you had to convert it, but i am pretty sure you hade to use
//and then
outtextxy(100,100,hittemp or something)
right? I think i understand what you are saying.
PunkmanAuthor Commented:
no, wait you did have to use an array...i think...
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Yeah I see what you're saying. You're using printf() to store the int into the char array instead of doing it manually. That should be fine, but you still have to ensure you allocate enough characters to store the variable when you declare hittemp.
PunkmanAuthor Commented:
So it would be like:

int hit=2;
int(or char?) temphit[10];
outtextxy(100,100,temphit(or hit?);

would that be right?
PunkmanAuthor Commented:
I get it! Ok i see exactly what you mean! It would be like this:

char hittemp[10];
int hit=2;
sprintf(hittemp,"%d",hit); //note not printf like i thought

There just like that. Thanks, i give you the points.
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