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Add-In for Creating a Call Tree

Sorry in advance for my stupid question. I'm an intermediate VBA programmer and a newbie to VB. I'm using VB6.0.

I read and thought I understood a Q&A on an add-in to make a call tree at http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Programming_Languages/Visual_Basic/Q_20291526.html. Ameba gave a URL for a VBP that I could use to create an add-in. Now I've downloaded the project (CallTree.vbp) and manually registered the CallTree DLL by entering regsvr32 ... from "Run" on the Start menu.

So I opened VB again and looked at the Add-In Manager, and I see that CallTree looks like it's loaded (because Load Behavior is set to ALL and Loaded/Unloaded is checked in the lower right corner of the dialog box). But now I don't know what to do. Have I gained a menu command and not noticed? Or is there another step to do before I can use the Call Tree utility?


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Hi trf,
> Have I gained a menu command and not noticed?

Yes, menu Add-Ins, My AddIn

But that is not finished project - to develop/debug, open two VB IDEs - one with CallTree, and one with some other project file. Vhen you run CallTree, it will be temporary registered, and in the other VB you'll see it in the list of add-ins. When you stop debugging, unload the Addin from the second VB, or you'll get menu "My AddIn" multiple times... not a big problem, easy to solve it, but just a little warning so you are not surprised. :-)

trfAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I get it now! And thanks for writing the add-in!

One more question, if you feel like addressing it: I want to put this call tree into a report. The format is up to me - my best ideas are to put in Excel so I can put multiple call levels in the next column over, or to put in Word and use tabs to accomplish a similar layout. I like the graphics in your program, but I don't see how I would replicate them.

But even exporting to Excel/Word seems basically impossible, without hand-entering all the procedure/function names.

Do you have any ideas for what I am trying to do?

Let me know if I should ask this as a separate question and offer more points for it.

Thanks for your help, again!
Hi, Rob

I cannot expand the program for you - sorry, I am not doing the free work - but if you see something in a treeview on the form, why would it be impossible to export it to Word/Excel without hand-entering names...
To read captions of treeview nodes should be simple, and maybe there is already some array or collection which holds that data.

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