How to network UNIX and NT machine at home ?

I have an two Windows 2000 boxes and a unix machine (Sun Solaris SPARC). I have a cable modem for the internet access. I also have 5 port router and my two Windows 2000 machines are connected to the internet via this router. A friend of mine set it up for me.

Could someone walk me through all the steps in plain english to setup/configure unix and windows 2000 machines to accomplish the following tasks. Unix machine is not online yet.

1. telnet to unix box from windows 2000 machine at home and also from out side.
2. Map unix drives from  Windows 2000 machine.
3. Remote shell from unix machine to Windows 2000 machines.


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1. start telnetd on Unix, then use telnet on w2k
   I highly recommend to use ssh instead of telnet
2. install and configure Samba ( on Unix, then map your drives as usual on w2k
3. impossible with standard mickeysoft, you need 3'rd party software like openssh or cygwin, (or many others)
JustStartedAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments bur how do I start the 'telnetd' on unix. Is it some kind of a daemon and is there a script I need to run to start this service??
telnetd is enabled in /etc/ineted, usually
Simply remove the # in the corresponding line there, then give inetd a HUP signal:
   kill -1 <pid-of-inetd>

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sshd it's better like ahoffmann said above. Safer.
vi /etc/inetd
 -> remove the comment character "#" before ftpd (like the third line) that looks like "stream ftpd root ... "
killall -HUP inetd
 -> will work just fine.
telnet localhost (if it works smile)

after you install samba, to map win2k shares use mount -t smbfs
(man mount) for that
and to checkup the shares : smbclient -L IP_win2k_Host.

In windows 2k there is in control pannel -> administrative tools -> Services -> Telnet (Allows a remote user to log on to the system and run console programs using the command line.)
enable that service to start on boot.
(change startup type -> automatic)
reboot win2k.

      Have a nice day, and remember ssh ! it's SAFER, because an intruder could gain access to all your internal network, not just the SPARC station.

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I'd recommend looking into Putty ssh for windows as well.  It's a good telnet and ssh client.
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