running exe in browser which exe is already at client side how?

Hi all,

 I want to execute exe (which is already installed at client machine) by the browser.

 Eg, I have an application say weblinks.exe located (installed in client machine) at 'c:\program files\weblinks\weblinks.exe'. Suppose client visited our URL from browser Now in our site we have a button/link (This http is served by apache default ahaha.). now the user will click on the button/link then I need to execute the exe which ever he installed already in his machine(c:\program files\weblinks\weblinks.exe).

 I have done this in the below but it does not work..

 1) Configure SSL with apache.
 2) in the anchor tag given <a href="c:\\program files\weblinks\weblinks.exe">weblink</a>
  but when ever user is clicking on the link it does not do any thing. but when I open this html page normally in browser(with out fetching from server) works fine.

 Please help me in this regard..I am in urgent need of it..

With Regards
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Just what we need triple xxx sites running executables on the local machine. LOL.
usually browser restricted the running of local programs (.exe .bat) in client machines, if you want a particular site to be able to run (.exe .bat) in your computer from the browser, you will need to enable "Trusted Site" in IE

Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Site -> Web Site

Add your web site url in the Trusted Site list

After that you will be able to lossen the browser security restriction to allow you running client side VBScript to execute .exe programs

Here is the code you need to put in your HTML

<script language="vbscript">
Set sh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
ReturnCode = sh.Run("c:\program files\weblinks\weblinks.exe",6,True)
set sh = nothing
developer007Author Commented:

 I think with out changing browser settings I can run signed activeX control. so, I have changed my exe file to activeX control. I want this one should be executed and installed in browser.

 I have configured in my linux machine to serve the web pages I also configure SSL with it. I have generated my own CA and server certificates.

 now I want to make the activex as signed one. how can I do it with openssl.

 is openssl allows to sign microsoft ActiveX..

 Please let me know I am hurry.

 Thanks in advance..have nice days and years..

with luv

you seems to need the ActiveX SDK to sign it, check this page:

you can sign it using the cert you generated , but seems you can't sign the ActiveX with openssl

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I have been looking at doing this for some time
what is the activeX where can i get it to use for my self?
can it be used in normal iis sever
does it just simply ask if you trust it?
help me please
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