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Command Line Options

I have a problem. On my spalsh screen I test if there is a determined file using this code:

    ' Check command options
    If Command <> "" Then
        If Chr(34) <> Left(Command, 1) Then
            FileName = Command
            lencommand% = Len(Command) - 2
            FileName$ = Mid(Command, 2, lencommand%)
        End If
    End If
    ' check file
    On Error GoTo nofile:
    Dim strTemp As String * 1
    Dim i As Integer
    i = 0
    Open "file.txt" For Input As 1#
    Do Until EOF(1)
    i% = i% + 1
    Line Input #1, strTemp
    Close #1
    If i% <> 70 Or FileLen("file.txt") <> 6368 Then
    MsgBox "No file"
    End If

This works fine if there is no command line. When I drag a file to the aplication icon it causes an error opening the file that I want to check. Is there anything I can do? I don't understand why. It's supposed to open and check file.txt wherever the aplication is. (this file will be there as well)

Thank you
1 Solution
On wich line is the error occuring and what is the specific error description?

When the error is that the program can not locate the path then you can try

Open App.Path & "\file.txt" For Input As 1#

igfpAuthor Commented:
that's it!!! Apparently once there is a command line input it confunds everything (no idea why) but telling the program to open on App.Path corrects the problem! Excellent!
Thank you!

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