how to set up a ftp server on linux?

hello everyone, i have a question here...
how to set up a ftp server on linux?

i am running redhat linux 8.0 on a linksys router
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EmbeddedMindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Evan, when installing RH8.0 what installation options did you choose? What I want to find out is whether or not you have already installed an ftp daemon (server). If you choose "Full Server" or whatever RH calls it then you probably have wu-ftpd or proftpd and maybe a couple others; if you chose custom then you may or may not have one installed. Most likely, I think, you probably have *proftpd* (my choice) installed and probably running. IF you do have it installed then probably the easiest method for you to administer it for now is through a 'web-interface', until you get used to the configuration file, /etc/proftpd.conf.

The graphical interface you can use to administer it is called Webmin. I'll give you the steps to get it and install/run it. Get on your Linux-box. In X-Windows go to

Now click the "tar.gz" link in the upper right, pick a mirror, the first one is fine, and download it, save it in


- Now once that is finished hit ctrl+alt+f1 to get to a virtual console (command line) and log in. Type these commands exactly, however don't type the '#' thats just to let you know you should be doing this as root.

# cd /usr/local/src
# tar xvzf webmin-1.070.tar.gz
# cd webmin-1.070
# ./

This will ask you some questions; simply accept the defaults and enter a password. Webmin listens on a port, specifically, 10000 -you can change it if you want but remember what you changed it to. Now once this is done, go back to X-Windows using ctrl+alt+f7. Once there, open a webbrowser to point to 'localhost:10000', or whatever port you used. This brings up the Webmin interface, this is how to get to proftpd's interface

Servers->Proftpd (its towards the right side I believe)

and you can configure it here, if it is installed, I think there might be one for wu-ftpd too so if proftpd isn't then wu-ftpd might be (cross fingers for proftpd=)

Ok, one more quick thing, go into "System" at the top and click on "Bootup and Shutdown," if proftpd or wu-ftpd are installed you will see them in this list, whichever one is there, proftp preferrably, then click the name. It will take you to a page where you can set whether it starts automatically or not, select yes.

Also, there is additional information at

Now, if its not installed, well just right back with the info and we'll see about getting it installed =)
evan_evanAuthor Commented:
thank you thank you

very detail
No problem, glad to help. If it answered your question, please select to 'accept' this answer, thanks=) If you have any more q's just ask!

The simplest and bettrer way to configure a FTP Server is mentioned in the following,

  By default the FTP server is disabled in the RHL 8.0, to enable that..

 1, check whether the vsftpd package is installed or not.
    # rpm -q vsftpd
 2. If it is not, then install it by rpm -ivh vsftpd....rpm
 3. open the file /etc/xinetd.d/vsftpd with any of your favourite editor and change the value "disable=yes" to "disable=no".
 4. then restart the xinetd service by the command "service xinetd retstart".
 5. Now your ftp server is okay...

evan_evanAuthor Commented:
hi Rahmeth, following your precedures, after people enable the ftp server.

then how do they start the ftp server up?
how to config them and get it running?
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