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HELP!!!!!!!! ASUS A7S333

I Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is what I have:

Asus A7S333 Mother Board
Atlis Precision 512mb PC 2700 DDR 333mgz Ram
Western Digital 80GB Hard Drive
GeForce 4 MMX 440 Video card

Here is my problem:  I installed all of my parts conected the monitor and turned on the computer, and I get nothing, nothing on the monitor. When  I tried setting the jumpers to jumperfree mode, it beeps telling me there is know ram installed.  I set the DSW Switches to the Ram freq. I get nothing.
PLEAS HELP I am At a Lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 Solutions
You need to ensure you have the speaker connected to that board.  When you connect that speaker move your head near the speaker and listen very closely as you turn it on.

I have the exact board and have had the exact problem.  In my case, I listened closely to the beeps coming from the speaker.  They tell you what could be wrong.

Here's the problem that you *could* be having.

That is a universal AGP slot.  It supports both 1.5v and 3.3v cards.  The problem seems to be that it does not sense the voltage of the card correctly.

In my case I heard the beeps that indicated that the video card was the problem.  I then cleared the cmos and tried again.  No luck.  I then grabbed another video card and tried with it.  No luck.  I grabbed a 3rd video card.  No luck.  I grabbed a 4th video card and it managed to boot.

After this I pulled the video card out and put the original one in.  It booted.  I went in and did some driver updates in windows.  Then I shut the comptuer off and inserted another card (modem, NIC, and DVD decoder.  When I turned the computer back on it wouldn't boot.  Got the video beeps again.

I then reset the cmos and started swapping video cards.  The one that worked to get it to boot the first time round didn't work.  I tried various others and it came up.  I haven't had a problem since.

Don't know if this helps, but it should give you some idea of the different things that you can do and what affects you.
Put the comptuer in jumperless mode, and then double check all your connections.  THen try.

The other alternative is to pull it out and put it on a phone book, and unhook everything but the processor, power, power switch, speaker.  Then power up, and see what happens, you should get a no video card or no ram beep, then put in the ram and try again, and go one piece at a time, this lets you find the troubled part.
First off, change the DSW switches back to what they were originally.  If it beeped out a code that said memory was not installed, try a different stick, even PC2100 DDR if possible.  A lot of times, if you buy a cheaper brand of ram, the quality is no where near the same as if you buy a stick of Corsair or Crucial.  AMD is actually somewhat picky about the ram you install in the machine.  

I'd try that first off, considering ram prices are the lowest ever!  Or if you have a friend with a spare stick of DDR to try, borrow it from him and try it out.

When building your machine, I would recommend Corsair, CorsairXMS, Crucial, OCZ, Mushkin, and sometimes Kingston (depending on the ram specs).

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