OUtlook and OE Protected Items...

When signing mail in both Outlook, and Outlook express, I get a popup saying "Signing data with your private exchange key!" and "An Application is requesting access to a Protected item."

The details show that outlook is trying to do it.. surprisingly, I know this. Also, since I am running windows, whilst sitting at the PC, the only person able to send mail would be me, and so, how do I switch off this prompt which pops up (3 times for PGP messages).

I have set the security level to custom on the internet zone and switched everything to low, or enable, yet it still tells me.

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travalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's some info I found on a web site:

very little guidance is given when you're creating your keys with the wizard. You're asked to pick from three security levels which. If you pick the lowest level, your keys are available for programs to perform signing and decrypting operations automatically, without your intervention. If you pick the intermediate level, you are asked to confirm operations (a dialog box pops up saying "An application is requesting access to a Protected item."; in the Details you can see the name of the executable but no more information is offered). Only if you pick the highest level do you get to enter a pass phrase to protect the key. Backing up your keys is not clearly explained,
You could disable the key.  That would stop the popups.
Is it just an informational popup?  If so, why is there a problem?
nigel5Author Commented:
I need to use the keys to sign my mail.

Its a problem cuz I am basically to lazy to press "O.K." on three popups for every single mail I write (I am not so lazy as I write a lot e-mails :)
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nigel5Author Commented:
Thanks, but neither of these tell you how to remove the security popup. I'm guessing that its not an outloook specific thing as it happens in OE as well, but the way the details are shown, I think it is probably a 'windows thing.
I would expect it to show a popup just to  let you know that it is working, but not actually interrupt your work and make you press a key.
You might want to check the VeriSign site, but depending on the security setting you chose, your Digital ID may not have its own password, and if so it is protected by the Windows log on password which can cause this pop-up.

You chose security at the time of enrollment to use a password. You would normally do this by choosing the option called "Additional Security for Your Private Key" and then selecting "High" for the level of security.

If this is the case you cannot change the password. You will have to revoke
<https://digitalid.verisign.com/services/client/revoke.htm> the Digital ID and enroll for a new one.
nigel5Author Commented:
Hmm, trying to remember back, I don't remember adding a password to my private key.

The thing is as well though, that I have PGP 8.0 installed and when I sign things with my PGP signature, the same thing happens there (thats the 2 popups out of the three).. and on the first attempt I have to enter my passphrase.

Come back windows 98 :)

Can I use one of them 'automatic answer any dialog box' tools?
nigel5Author Commented:
I got new keys with no security... seems to be o.k.
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