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Protect Download Till Credit Card Clears

Hello. I'd rather not reveal my inexperience, but after looking at 1255 responses, I have to just ask for help!
I want to offer an item for sale (ebook in pdf or zip file), take a credit card, when it clears allow them to download the file (pdf or zipped file). I've got the shopping cart stuff started, but more importantly, how would I provide a password protected item that only works when the credit card clears?
Sounds crazy? It seems impossible to me. I can use javascript - I'm using Dreamweaver MX. I don't have exp in ASP or PHP but am willing to learn. Any help appreciated.
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Most shopping carts give you the ability to redirect the user to an "authorized" or "rejected" page based on whether the CC is authorized or rejected. If not, you can build your own logic to do so based on the response you get from the CC clearing company.

The most basic way to deal with this is to add the link to the appropriate PDF file to the "authorized" page.

You might want to use and check a session variable to make sure the user doesn't give a link to the "authorized" page to another user.

CoffeeCup Software ( http://www.coffeecup.com )have a password wizard program, which will allow you to create multiple user names and passwords for any number of web pages.  You could place your file on your site with no direct link and password its access.  When the credit card has cleared you could set up a user name for your customer on that page and e-mail the url, user name and password allowing them access.  I know of some sites that use this method and allow you a certain time limit to download before the user name gets deleted.  May not be an ideal solution, but it should work.

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webweavergirlAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions and solutions. I'm sorry I had forgotten about this question. I liked the answer from music man because in my case, I haven't had enough experience with shopping carts to buy one yet. Also found out that Paypal offers somewhat of a solution, but must investigate further.

This place is the best!

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