Print one document to Multiple Printers at the same time

I  need to create a printer share on a Windows NT 4.0 server that when an employee prints a sales order it will then print to several other printers at the same time.
The priters are all the sames (5 Okidata ML 520's) they are all currently connected to HP Jetdirect print servers running TCP/IP.
Does anyone know how to configure this, or is there a software application that will accomplish the same thing.

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Interesting question.  Though I haven't dealt with NT4 in a while I am wondering if the following would work but it it requires you to add the TCP/IP Printing services. (

During the step where you add ports and the IP addresses, I wonder that, if you were to add more ports with the IP addresses of the other printers you want to print to...if you can just "check" each port that you want to print to from this printer.  You would then have one printer printing to several ports.

My apologies because I don't have current access to an NT4 machine but I am very curious to know if this works.

Please let me know,

Dan Soto, MCSE
New Orleans, LA
A quick google search for Broadcast Printing popped up a few software suites, and a deeper search didn't reveal any easy/free solutions.  SO, all I can offer you is a couple of software suites:




Eprint seems to be just a simple re-direct application/driver, which would probably work great for what you're looking for.  Alternately Inteliscribe seems to be more of a printing management utility that does much more, but often times with more function comes more complexity and sometimes more room for problems.  Also, neither one are cheap, at $99 for Eprint and $59 for Inteliscribe they both demand quite a premium, but both offer free evaluation versions to try.

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