Medal of Honor wont run!!!!!

well my question is pretty simple. why doesnt mohaa run on my pc. i have got a P-4 system with a "Super Nvidia M64" 3d card. i have tried quite a few things , like dva = 0 and deleting it, but it simply wont do. is there something wrong with my 3d card,if yes then where.
and yes, what is the latest 3d card available in the market?
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scull28Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm sorry to say your video card is well out of date for a game such as MOHAA, you have a TNT2 chipset, you need at the very least a GF3 but i would recommend a GF4 TI4200 if you really want to play MOHAA in all its glory, also consider your mobo drivers ( ie via 4in1 )hope this helps!!
Make sure you have the latest DirectX installed (DX8 or DX9)

Also make sure that you have the latest Nvidia driver installed for your video card available here:

There is also a game patch available from Electronic Arts (maker of MOHAA) here:

I believe the specific patch you would want is this one:
what is the error? describe what happens? a blank screen for a split seconds? error message? what happens?
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Try reinstalling, it could be corrupt registry keys.

Do what Jerry Pang said first though and post the error effects.
take at look at this site.

also  this one.

this might help. if its an opengl/graphix card so on..
I had a problem with mohaa that it kept trying to connect to the internet when I went to start the game and it would then crash all I had to do was go into control panel go to internet options and select "never dial a connection" and it fixed it for me. Only reason I'm posting this is several of my freinds had the same problem and it was resolved the same way.
kunalsahayAuthor Commented:
hey guys, thanks all for your respone.
well if you wanna know in detail, whenever i start the game, it goes black for a second, comes back to the desktop, shows a console which reads all sorts of things which finaaly ends with "could not load opengl susbystem....and thats it. nothing happens after that.
  i forgot to mention, i have windows 98 installed on my system, with an super nvidia m64 3d card
 please help guys, i speny money on this game
viralTempestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Its a monolithic card, but with some new drivers it might run fine. Find the nvidia web page and get some driver updates.
no way, you have no hope.
even if you get it working the game will jerk all over the place
buy a new card or take the game back,
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