Can't Get Passed First Page!

This is a basic( no pun) question, but it has my head wrecked!!
I have just started on VB and its my first attempt at programming
I Have a learning edition of VB, im trying to write a quiz type program ( hey there's
nothin on TV). I have my first page done, IE, What is blah blah, i have a lits of awnsers,
you pick one hit the enter button and are told it right ( or wrong) .
Now im stuck, how do i go on to the next question,i've tried looking up all the help menus
 i can get me eyes on , but im getting nowhere, i know its simple ( i hope).
Hope you can help,
Kitz E.
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Well, it depends where your next question is.  If it is in a different frame, you can use the visible properties.

Frame1.visible = false
Frame2.visible = True

Or if it is a form you can do the same thing

Form1.visible = false
Form2.visible = True

I hope this helps.  I don't know if I quite understand what you are doing though.
KitzEKatAuthor Commented:
EH thats a good question, what am i trying to do!!
Something along the lines of a simulated exam test ie A+
 type of thing, like i say i have the first "page" done, when you answer that question i want to be able to go on to the next one and so on ,do i do a different page or form for each one ? how do i make the "NEXT Question " button lead to an identical page with a different question,
Let's say you have stored your questions in a file called Questions.txt. Each question is on one line, and the answer is on the next line.

In Form_Load you write...
   Open app.path & "\Questions.txt" for input as #1
   call GetNextQuestion

Then write a routine...
Sub GetNextQuestion()
   dim strQ as string
   dim strA as string

   if eof(1) then
      msgbox "There are no more questions"
      Line Input #1,strQ
      line input #1,strA
   end if
End Sub

On your form you would have 2 textboxes - one called txtQuestion and the other txtAnswer. Also a command button call cmdReveal and one called cmdNext. Also cmdEnd

sub cmdReveal_Click
end sub

sub cmdNext_click
   call GetNextQuestion
end sub

sub cmdEnd_click
   close #1
end sub

That should do to get you started. You could add stuff like recording their answers, etc

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Create two forms (named Form1 and Form2), with a button (Command1) on the first form, and put in this code in Private Sub Command1_Click:
'Insert here your code for testing if the answer is right
Form1.Hide 'you could also do Form1.Visible=False
Form2.Show 'you could also do Form2.Visible=True

This isn't a proposed answer, but just a helpful bit of advice.

If you understand how, and the security of the actual answers is important, then I would suggest putting the questions and answers in a database.

There are many good reasons for doing this.  You don't have to work with files, and since the database is password protected, nobody can see the questions or the answers.

KitzEKatAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.
Your advice is goin to put me on the right track, there's a bit more to this BASIC thing than i thought, thanks for your time, i will take your advice on board, it will take sometime to figure it all out, that's the fun bit!!!, but i know you have me on the right track,i may have skipped some of the basics and jumped in too deep, im like that!
Its the only way to fly!
So thanks you guy's for takin the time to help a newbie,
Take It Handy!
And Remember us cats have four paws, we can type fast!!
Just Don't Know what were typin, but hey its fun!!!
Kitz E Kat
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