Pantone colors in Photoshop 7

I need to know why Photoshop 7 shows the "Pantone solid coated" swatches with a C ending;(Pantone 1805 C), and Photoshop 6 "Pantone coated" swatches shows the colors as CVC;(Pantone 1805 CVC). Are these two different colors? I am asking because I am creating a two color job where I am doing the graphics in Photoshop and placing that into Illustrator. Illustrator (version 8) shows "Pantone coated" swatches with the CVC suffix, which is not available in Photoshop 7. Pantone 1805 CVC does not seem to match the Photoshop 1805 C, but im not sure if that is just what it looks like on screen. I am very confused. If someone sees this I would appreciate any answers and maybe a step by step of what I am trying to do!
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This, describes everything.

Secondly, are you sure you want to do do a 2 color print job in Photoshop with pantone colors? You do know that to do pantone colors in Photoshop you need to create a special spot color channel..right?

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Basically don’t worry about the CVC, as long as you want solid coated colours and they look OK your be find.  Especialy if your only doing a 2 colour job.  Just let the printer know exactly what pantone colours you want to use your be OK.  

Someone has to physically change the paints on the rollers anyway – ive used the same artwork for different colour jobs when its been black on the artwork and silver and gold on the print.  They can just change the ink!  Talk to the printer on specific jobs they should be helpful especially if your giving them money!  If it’s a simple logo you may be better off in illustrator.

Dont be affraid to ask the printer, when i started freelance I didnt have a clue and bluffed my way through with help of the printer mac boys!  If its a job for someone else (not you) remeber to ALWAYS get a proof and get it signed off to cover you!

Hope this helps
With all that said, weed is right you still need to set up your spot channels for the colours, read the help in PS.  Thats why it easier to do as much as you an in illustrator as the pantone system is much easier.  I try and keep PS for photos and cmyk graphics.

You always need to decide how important the colours are, some you can get very close to on the CMYK system.  If you have a recent pantone swatch book they put 4 dots on the colours you can use in CMYK.
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The suffixes don't matter. They are the same color. There is only on Pantone 1805 ink.

What WILL matter, however, is if you allow two different names to be used in your final file. That is to say: if you use 1805CVC and 1805C they will seperate out onto two different plates. Just check your seperations. Pick one name to go with and rename the other colors the same way. That way all your 1805 should seperate out onto one plate.
A pantone color for coated paper and a pantone color for uncoated paper are different colors.
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