Networking problem

I am trying to setup a network of right now, just three machines with DSL.
I have gotten the first two set up and running fine, but the third, no
matter what I do will not see a particular machine.  There is one machine
that no matter how they are setup, will see all the machines.  Then to make
matters worse, I keep getting a workgroup called "Bobb" on the machines when
I have the thrid one on.  "Bobb" is not accessable, but there also show up a
machine that is not on my network, but shows up in my workgroup as "Diana
Stewart."  What is going on here?!  Please could use some help.I've made
each machine the Internet Connection Sharing machine with the same result.
Oh and I neglected to say that I'm running Windows 98SE on all the machines.
Tonight I thought maybe there was some sort of virus on the third machine,
so I installed a new hard drive and loaded
Windows with almost the same result.  Now the thrid machine will see only
itself.  But of course "Bobb" is still there on the other mahcines.

Thanks in advance!
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Maybe you named (or the manufacturer named a machine and workgroup that.) I need to know a little more about your network (routers, NIC cards are compatible with the cabeling and each other, if you have 802.11b(wireless) etc.) Since you did a re-install of the 3rd machine make sure you get all the configurations right. Also make sure that you have NetBeui setup (not NetBios as you have a small network | peer to peer) on all of the machines. Make sure the router is setup using DHCP (auto IP addr configuring) (if you want you can use static but thats extra work) Also after you go through the network configuration wizard setup and it asks you to make a floppy DO SO and run it on all of the other machines. To access your router (for linksys) open up a browser and connect to   the user is none and the password is admin or Admin (i forget which one as I changed mine a LONG time ago)
Oh a few things I forgot. The user field is left blank (not actually the user is none, just leave it blank) and to setup NetBeui right click My Network Places and click properties. Click add. Click Protocol. Add. Click NetBEUI then add. You should have to reboot. Do this on all of the machines.

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mcrunner1Author Commented:
Thanks!!!  The problem turned out to be netbeui was not on one of the computers...I think it was the third as a matter of fact.  I really felt like shooting the machine at one point as I had unplugged the cat 5 cable and forgot I had.  Whew!  Thanks again!

Sure. Glad I could help. :)
-John S.
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