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My client has a domain(www.house.net) How do I redirect his website content to this domain to this page. I have a static IP, I was told to call my ISP and check DNS or have them create a A rec or A card. please advise. Thanks Warrior
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arthuryeungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Step 1:
You will need to modify the DNS record of the domain house.net to your ISP's DNS server (you may need to call your ISP for the server hostname)

Step 2:
Call your ISP to ask them add an "A record" to point www.house.net to your static IP, "A record" means "Alias Record"

Step 3:
Configure your web server to set "www.house.net" pointing to the web root directory of your client's HTML pages

If you don't know about Step 1, you can also call your ISP for help. They should have experience serving this kind of request.
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