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looking for a firewall program that can do bandwidth throttle per application

well, the title says it all. but i'll be more specific.

i'm looking for a firewall that can run on a system like Windows 2000 Pro or Server, that can log what .exe files access the internet (already found one that does that), BUT also limit that .exe to have a certain ammount of allowed download and upload speed. the more it can log and the more it can actually limit bandwidth the better.

i know Microsoft ISA Server 2000 can limit bandwidth at the computer or user level. and I know routers and other firewalls can use QOS to limit bandwidth at the network level (subnets, etc). but i'm specifically looking for something that might do it at the application level or the file system level, which ever it may be.

price is not a big deal. hardware solution, software solution, anything.
1 Solution
I know of no such product beyond those you mentioned.
How about at the port level?  If your app's use a specific port(s), some firewalls can throttle your bandwidth (both max and guaranteed).  I know sonicwall will do this www.sonicwall.com
nonsenceAuthor Commented:
port level i already know how. every firewall does that anyways. but who really wants to sit down and learn what protocol and port each and every application uses. sure i do my research for some, like kazaa, isa server, ftp, http, irc, pop3, smtp, https, etc etc.

so sorry. port level won't do.
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McAfee Firewall and anti virus scan will do the trick it does not play with your bandwidth,get the pro version.I have the home edition and it's great.
nonsenceAuthor Commented:
will McAfee Enterprise Edition 7.0 do the bandwidth per file?
Try having a look at InterDo from Kavado - it's a richly featured application layer firewall, might help you.
There are two types of product available

1. Packeteer (very expensive) - Layer 7  - reports application exe and you can set bandwidth on it
2. NetEquilizer (really cheap compared to Packeteer) and does similar thing as Packeteer

If you search on google with these names it finds it easily

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