between php and

Hi ,

can u plz show me in a simple and easy comparsion way the features of php and ?and ur opinion??

and what is the best php editor??

Thanx alot
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you can use notepad if you whant but i prefer an editor that know about the language. I use dreamwaver and asp so i get different colors on my syntax. That helps alot.

The difference between asp and php and whats best can be discused for a long time but i do beleve that php is more powerful. But php is also harder to learn than asp.

So it's up to you, php is more like c/c++ and java.
If you're happy with the MS way of working asp will suit you. If you are a "techy" then PHP or Perl might be better. compares ASP to PHP (sort of!)

asp and .net sites:

and, 25+ ASP tips to improve performance and style ASP coding tips, articles and examples. Active Server Corner articles, tutorials and free ASP components. articles, tutorials and more.
ASP 101 samples, articles, resources and information for developers.
ASP a collection of ASP components, articles and tutorials. free ASP applications and code snippets.
ASP-Help.Com ASP resources, reviews and tutorials. ASP Resource Index a collection of ASP resources. ASP Super Experts answers to ASP questions, articles, jobs, links and software. Toolbox directory for ASP application, components and tutorials. ASP Town ASP resource with scripts and articles, components, guides and software. articles on ASP scripting, database, components and integration. free ASP tutorials. ASP lessons. tutorials and lessons on how to use ASP. Microsoft ASP Component Developer Samples ASP information, components and scripts.
A very intresting articale :

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He mentioned .NET, not classic ASP.

ASP.NET is more like Java (and unlike ASP or PHP), in that it isn't a scripting language - it is managed code that's compiled at runtime with a JIT (Just In Time) compiler.

Simple explanation, but hope it helps.
Also I might like to ask, what are you going to be developing?

If you want to develop websites cheaply, are familiar with C-type syntax, and want to use open source products, then PHP is probably your best bet.

However if you want to also easily build Windows Applications, .NET (using VB.NET if you're familiar with VB, or C# if you prefer C-type syntax (my preference)), then you'd probably want to go with .NET.

But it costs big $$$ at the current moment of course, since it's a Microsoft product. Although, the Mono project is attempting to port C# to Linux, open source.

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Still it is not clear that which one is faster and having advantages over the other. You can do a perfect job using both ASP and PHP.
but I'll try a few comments:

ASP: is widely supported by inexpensive web hosting companies.
ASP: you write in VBScript
ASP: You have to pay!
PHP: is open source, runs on Unix and Windows servers. (Cool, because I write for whatever server my clients already have installed.)
PHP: Free! Zero startup costs to be a developer
PHP: is similar in style and format to C, C++, and JavaScript.

PHP:Simpler to learn, easier to connect to back end data sources, founded on standard programming methodologies. None of this proprietary MS object crap, that takes four years to get a bug fixed in. I've found several bugs that took much thought to achieve workarounds in ASP, as yet I have had no such problem in PHP, even when it is running on NT in either IIS or apache.

The choice is up to you :)
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