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how to create a logon form using ANYTHING that authenticates the user account with NTFS/Active Directory on Win2k Server

using anything, be it Flash, Coldfusion, PHP, Perl, ASP or ASP.NET, Visual Basic, C++, Java, etc

how can a logon form or window be created so that if lets say index.html (which has ntfs acl permissions for anonymous reading allowed), give access to a folder, lets call it AdminOnly, which has the ntfs acl permissions set to only allow the Domain Admin of an Active Directory domain access to the folder.

i already know that a script or logon form doesn't have to be created because if i link index.html to the AdminOnly folder a popup logon window will appear in Internet Explorer asking for a valid user name, password and domain to access the folder. however, i'm trying to achieve the same thing using something a little nicer looking then a popup window from IE. a simple form would do the trick. i'm not a programmer so no high tech explanation please :-) but a link to a tutorial, or a free script that does this would be great. thanks
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this is notmal link:
this is link with password and login name:

if you want to pass login and password
you can desing something like this:

<form name=loginform>
Login : <input type=text name=login>
Password : <input type=text name=password>

This link will take form parameters and add them to the link:<br>

<a href='javascript:return false'

Click here to access admin page</a>
nonsenceAuthor Commented:
is there a tutorial somewhere on how to do this? i would prefer to learn it using coldfusion, flash or perl though
nonsenceAuthor Commented:
anyone got anything? please.......i'm still looking for something that will do this for me :-)
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