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how to auto-logon computer hosts through a domain controller

so lets say there are 120 computers. there is a windows 2000 server domain controller, and there is a user account called student which is a domain user account. is there a way to make that domain user account login to the network automatically when one of the windows 2000 pro computers starts up?

also, the method for doing so should be remotely creatable. i think it is possible to do it locally by going to each machine and telling it what user name, password and domain to login to. but without having to do things manually is there a scripts, a gpo setting, server or application that will enable all the workstations in a domain to auto-login a user account?
1 Solution
alot of ways you can go about doing this, create a logon script that pushes specific registry keys to each computer that setups automatic login.  Here is a great link to set it up


nonsenceAuthor Commented:
the registry entry is good. thank you for that. but what would be the source for a batch file or even better a visual basic script that would actually run and create that registry entry for windows?
You can put this registry keys in the Default Domain Policy or a new policy (beware that the Domain Controller is EXCLUDED from that policy)

Add the registry key in "Computer Configuration" > "Windows Settins" > "Registry"

The Group policy settings can be accessed on the tab 'Group Policy' of the propertys of your domain in de Active Directory Users and computers console.

BEWARE: New Policy's are automaticly applied on all authenticated users
robbe: can you give some screenshots?
You can use GPO preferences now if you use windows 2008 server or windows 2003 server.. This way you can add registry keys on all computers. For windows XP clients and 2003 server make sure the GPO client side extensions are installed. You can also manage the GPO preferences from a Win Vista or Win7 client with RSAT or a Windows 2008 server.

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