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Filenames and Directorys

looking for a snippet of code to get the folder path of a file i have the full path for..
"c:\this is a fake folder\document.zzz"
and i want
"c:\this is a fake folder"

or something the chdir function wont bitch at!
1 Solution
Try this...

Function GetPathName(ByVal strString as string) as string
   dim n as integer

   n = InStrRev(strString, "\")
   GetPathName = left(strString, n-1)
End Function

Then call it like this...
   chdir GetPathName("c:\Fake Folder\Document.zzz")
Here is the code to do so:

Private Const gstrSEP_DIR$ = "\"                         ' Directory separator character
Private Const gstrSEP_DRIVE$ = ":"                       ' Driver separater character, e.g., C:\
Private Const gstrSEP_DIRALT$ = "/"                      ' Alternate directory separator character
Public Path As String
Public Filename As String

Private Sub Command1_Click()
SeparatePathAndFileName "D:\BootDisk\level0\utils.cab"
End Sub

'Given a fully qualified filename, returns the path portion and the file
'   portion.

Public Sub SeparatePathAndFileName(FullPath As String, _
    Optional ByRef Path As String, _
    Optional ByRef Filename As String)

    Dim nSepPos As Long
    Dim nSepPos2 As Long
    Dim fUsingDriveSep As Boolean

    nSepPos = InStrRev(FullPath, gstrSEP_DIR)
    nSepPos2 = InStrRev(FullPath, gstrSEP_DIRALT)
    If nSepPos2 > nSepPos Then
        nSepPos = nSepPos2
    End If
    nSepPos2 = InStrRev(FullPath, gstrSEP_DRIVE)
    If nSepPos2 > nSepPos Then
        nSepPos = nSepPos2
        fUsingDriveSep = True
    End If

    If nSepPos = 0 Then
        'Separator was not found.
        Path = CurDir$
        Filename = FullPath
        If fUsingDriveSep Then
            Path = Left$(FullPath, nSepPos)
            Path = Left$(FullPath, nSepPos - 1)
        End If
        Filename = Mid$(FullPath, nSepPos + 1)
    End If
End Sub
Dir ("c:\wherever\somewhereelse\aFile.txt") will return just the file name: 'myFile.txt'. Sine you need the path, not the file name, you can remove the file name string from the complete path. Do this either by length:

myfile = "c:\wherever\somewhereelse\aFile.txt"
MsgBox Mid$(myfile, 1, Len(myfile) - Len(Dir(myfile)) - 1)

...Or simply by using a replace:

MsgBox Replace(myfile, "\" & Dir(myfile), "")

Kindest regards,
here is function I've been using:

Function GetFoldersOnly(ascFullPath As String, Optional bKeepLastSlash As Boolean = False) As String
    Dim iPos As Integer
    Dim iLastPos As Integer
    iPos = InStr(1, ascFullPath, "\")
    Do While iPos > 0
        iLastPos = iPos
        iPos = InStr(iPos + 1, ascFullPath, "\")
    If Not bKeepLastSlash Then iLastPos = iLastPos - 1
    GetFoldersOnly = Left(ascFullPath, iLastPos)
End Function
gthgbAuthor Commented:
hmm im sure i pressed that accept comment as answer button ages ago.. ahh well..
thanks to everyone that posted :)

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