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Virus query

Navidad.worm is not detected by Norton Antivirus 2003,  Panda, Mcafee 7.0 and QuickHeal6.08 but is detected by a Virus bustor floppy named Quickheal Express for DOS. I have only one floppy. The contents of the floppy cannot be seen and copied. Even if we copy the contents of the floppy still it asks for the floppy when the virus is detected on the system. And the floppy is not available in the market also. What can be done? If this virus is present, your computer will hang frequently and when you are working on a project and your system hangs, you feel like breaking the monitor glass with whatever you have in hand. If my floppy goes corrupt then? Where will I go to remove this Navidad.worm. My computer hangs frequently, I don't know what is the problem. I have latest antivirus with the latest updates. What can be done?
Thanking You.
1 Solution
Are you talking about W32.Navidad worm? It's already have a fix for Norton Antivirus. For more info, read http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.navidad.fix.html
To copy a floppy which is uncopiable, use a hex editor.
> If my floppy goes corrupt then?

Well,, then,, you are using the wrong product.

> Navidad.worm is not detected by Norton Antivirus 2003,  Panda, Mcafee 7.0 and QuickHeal6.08 but is detected by a Virus bustor floppy named Quickheal Express for DOS

I suggest there is something wrong with this picture. All the majors for A/V find all the major virus. Either there is something wrong with your procedure for using the A/V products, or, it seems more likely that this is more than a red herring but a false positive arising out of the non-major A/V product.

The virus is not so new that no one knows it, it is well over two years old in fact. Is your system unusable? Is it participating in mass massive mailings> If not, then why do you think you got virus? Quoting from ShadowWarrior111 resource (Symmantec):

W32.Navidad is a mass-mailing worm program.
This worm is able to distribute itself through any MAPI-compliant email client, including Microsoft Outlook
Due to the bugs in the code, when the worm is executed, it causes your system to be unusable.
Virus Definitions (Intelligent Updater) * November 06, 2000

Answer: You are running too too many A/V products, this is a good time to improve concentration, by dumping the known deficient one that is FUD-ing you with false positive.
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Don't you want solid stable product for support, check out google recommendation (support issue):

Your search - "Quickheal Express for DOS" - did not match any documents.

Yet there is a:
"Quick Heal - World's Leading Anti-Virus Software."
"Want to become a Dealer/Reseller?"
"Free Upgrades"

er, now just who made them the world leader? Isn't there something noteworthy concerning truth in advertising?

The support for site is rather anemic, including no cyclopedia or search capability, just mostly buzzwords. Appearance is a care less attitude towards Navidad and the like.
hellomehtaAuthor Commented:
Hi esmogen,
What is a hex-editor and where is it available. Give me full details. Your answer is fit.
Waiting for the details...
Amit Mehta
a hex editor allows you to edit at the binary level, right on the disk. (simplified). You can make a new floppy (for your case) by opening the a: drive/copy all/change floppy/open that drive/paste/save
you can get one here:

Sorry for the time it took to reply.

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