Bucket Colors


When I try to change the color on a picture with the "bucket fill"
no matter what color I sellect it only gives my the color of the picture.

I had this happen b4... can't remeber why!

Photoshop 5.5

Paul RiskoAsked:
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Youre going to have to explain that again. No matter what color you select (where?) it only gives you the color of the picture (which color of the picture?).

Youre sure youre not using the eyedropper tool?
Paul RiskoAuthor Commented:

I have a transparent .gif. (it only does this with transparents) it's half black half trans. I try to change
the color of the black half to blue (or whatever) using the fill bucket and it does not change it to blue.

I'm not good at explaining myself.... I think I have computer head. I've been sitting here way too long!
What does it change the color to if not to blue?

Here's a potential reason. Gifs have 256 colors or less in their palette. If you try to use a color that isnt in the palette you just wont get it. Convert the image to RGB BEFORE you try to edit it.

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It definitely looks like a mode problem to me... Choose Image from menu and mode from it , and convert it to RGB, and then try

Didnt i just say that?
Paul RiskoAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you.

I'll post 50 points for zombeen.

I knew it was something easy I just could not remeber!

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