Removing System Registration Info in Win 98 SE

I just bought a new system (finally!). I'm donating the old PC to Goodwill and have been removing all personal files and references. The one I can't seem to figure out how to delete/change is the Win 98 SE System Registration in the System Control Panel, General tab.

How do I delete/change the registration information? (I've gone through every control panel and searched regedit for any text relating to the name registered. I've also used norton utilities to search and wipe free space.) Also, what other hidden locations of personal information might be on this machine?

thanks. I'd like to be certain all of my personal information is removed from the machine before I pass it on to a stranger.
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Greetings, belloli!

To change the registration information in Windows, you need to open your registry (back up your registry). Open the Registry:

Click on the Start menu, and select Run.

Type in "regedit" in the field, and click OK.

Find the key:

Windows 98: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion
Windows NT: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
Modify 'RegisteredOwner' and 'RegisteredOrganization' to become whatever you desire.

Best wishes, war1

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Since you are giving it to good will, you run into the problem that the installed software must be on only one machine. Leagally it cannot be stored on two machines. Therefore I would recommend that you do a HD Format before handing it over to the goodwill. If yo do not it just might come back and bite you
belloliAuthor Commented:
thanks much. I looked high and low for this, but obviously couldn't find it.
belloliAuthor Commented:

thanks for the heads up. I have removed all software except for windows and its components.

Keep in mind anything short of a full format of the HD will not keep the data from an experienced user. And if the data was important then you should either write all "0" to the HD or remove the HD and keep it.

If you just remove the registered owner from the registry then if someone restores the registry from a backup (Win98 by default keeps 5 backup copies) and the information will still be there.

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