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Topmost window in an application

I know there is an other thread on a similar subject, but my question has a variant.

Il would like to know how to place a dialog window on top of all the other windows and dialogs of an application, but not on top of windows of any other application. The goal is to make a toolbox that would be topmost, but if an other application get the focus, the toolbox will not get over it.

I currently tried many ways to do this without success :

   // Placed in the Create() function of the toolbox dialog
   // This make the window topmost of ALL the other windows on the desktop
   // regardless of the application it belongs to.

  // Placed in the parent window

The second way works well if the parent window is a CView window, but it doesn't work when the parent window s a DoModal() dialog.
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1 Solution
HI Hey Have you tried with HWND_TOP only

Dear DanyJoly ,
*try as AmitAgarwal suggested to you

>>but it doesn't work when the parent window s a DoModal() >>dialog.
* try to create a MODELESS dialog box
DanyJolyAuthor Commented:
The HWND_TOP is not exactly the behavior I want. My first message was not clear enough. I would like my dialog to be the topmost window of my application and to stay topmost even when an other window of my application gets the focus. But I dont want this dialog to interfere with the other applications.

With the HWND_TOP flag, the dialog gets topmost, but it wont stay over the other windows if I click an other window.

With  SetWindowPos(&wndTopMost,... and the HWND_TOPMOST flag, the dialog has the appropriate behavior, but it has it "too good" : it will be on top even of the other applications window!

Sorry for the lack of clarity

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Ok try this API (or its MFC equivalent with CWnd )

The BringWindowToTop function brings the specified window to the top of the Z order. If the window is a top-level window, it is activated. If the window is a child window, the top-level parent window associated with the child window is activated.

BOOL BringWindowToTop(
  HWND hWnd   // handle to window
DanyJolyAuthor Commented:
Hi FrenchFries, BringWindowToTop effectively brings my window to the top, but it won't necessarily make it stay there. Maybe combined with a function called when the window lose focus. Does anybody know the message given to a window when it loses focus ?
>>Does anybody know the message given to a window when it >>loses focus ?

Try handling WM_KILLFOCUS /OnKillFocus :-)
DanyJolyAuthor Commented:
Almost forgot this forum, thanks for the help.

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