Problems with my Netware 4.0 installation

Posted on 2003-03-16
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Last Modified: 2007-12-19
  Well, hello again:
I have problems with the installation of Novel netware 4.0...The whole situation is this:
I have parted my hard disk for booting from Windows Me or Windows 2000 PRO, actually my partitions are as showed in the next list:

    C:\---Primary Partition for Win Me booting
    D:\---Extended partition for data
    E:\---Extended partition for data
    F:\---Extended partition for data
    H:\---Primary Partition for Win 2000 PRO booting
    I:\---CD-RW drive

so, I am working now with Win 2000 PRO. I have used the Partition Magic utility to create and format the J:\ partition in order to put into it the Netware Operating System. So I started the installation, I defined the doruce and destination of the files, I copied them to the J:\ partition, I selected the
appropriate Country Code, Code Page, and Keyboard Setting. I chose the DOS File Type treatment (recommended) but then, but then when I had to define the path for the STARTUP.NCF file I didn´t put anything because I haven´t one...so I got the error message:

                              "   Insufficient memory to run NetWare 386
                              (requires at least 1 megabyte of extended memory)"

   And that´s my problem... I mmake clear that since the beginning I chose an upgrade and not a new installation of Netware because it was the only way I could continue...Otherwise, when I tried to install it as a New Netware 4.0, I got the error message: "Problems to access to de hard disk partitons..."

      So what can you suggest me? What should I do to install the Netware without to many complications?

I would aprecciate your help a lot because it is a homework for my NOS class.....

                             Thanks a lot.     Your friend Alex...

Question by:alexndyer
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To successfully run Netware, you need two partitions. The first can be relatively small (300-500 meg), and need to boot  a version DOS -- MS-DOS, PC-DOS, DR-DOS.  Once installed, you need to remove any memory managers that the DOS installation program may have put in the CONFIG.SYS file before starting the NetWare installation.  NetWare manages memory on it's own, and trouble occurs if you allow another program to try.

You cannot install/run NetWare from within a Windows (any flavor) DOS box.

The second blank partition you made will be for the Netware system files & data volume(s).

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Bud is correct, the NetWare OS cannot be ran from a Windows OS - you need to boot from a DOS-based OS (MS-DOS 6.22 or earlier).

The CONFIG.SYS should be pretty much empty (except during intial install, NetWare puts a FILES= config, after that, it can be removed).

The AUTOEXEC.BAT should only call the NetWare loader (SERVER.EXE) - there should be nothing else loading.

NetWare 4.x supports two partions - the boot partition, which is FAT16 and should be around 100MB in size (later versions of NetWare require more) and then a second partition called the NetWare partition.

The DOS partition contains the NetWare loader (SERVER.EXE) plus all the neccessary modules to load any kind of hard drive controller and hard drive type.  Just enough to get NetWare loaded so it can mount the SYS volume and any other volumes.

The NetWare partition is where the NetWare Volumes are stored.  The first NetWare volume is the SYS volume (by default) - this is where the NetWare OS is actually at.

The NetWare 4.x NOS supports only ONE NetWare partition per drive (be it physical or logical - as in the case of a RAID controller).  Newer versions of NetWare support multiple NetWare partitions per drive.  Thus, because NetWare 4.x can only support one NetWare partition per drive, the first NetWare volume (SYS) will live on that partition as will any other volumes you create.

Personally, I think you just ought to go to Novell's web site and download NetWare 6 with SP2 pre-applied in an .ISO format.  Even without a NetWare license, you will at least be able to get a 2-user version of NetWare going.  Since it sounds like you are loading this for test purposes, this is your best option because you would then be using Novell's latest version of it's flagship product.  Running NetWare 4.0 today is like running Windows/386 back in the 1980's...  Even NetWare 4.1 was a big improvement.  NetWare 4.11 (aka IntranetWare was even a better product).  NetWare 5.0 was nice but I like 5.1 much better.  NetWare 6 is just fantastic.  Both NetWare 5.0/5.1 and NetWare 6 have a great GUI-based installation scheme.  However, 5.1 was much better than 5.0 and 6.0 is even better!

However, if you do need to run NetWare 4.0 specifically, it doesn't require much resources and you could probably get it running very well on a i486-based machine as long as you have 64MB of RAM available.

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