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WIn2K screen problems- missing icons and vanishing screens

Wierd things have been happening on my system; WInk 2K (service pack 3), Dell Dimention 450 with pentium 3, Voodoo3 (3dfx Interactve) display adapter, and a MultiSync LCD 1530 flat panel display.

1)  Frequently, a  page will get "screwed up"; some of the info on the page will just go away, but come back by just postioning the mouse over the area (a very quick hover) or by refreshing the page.  Sometimes refreshing the page doesn't correct it.  Frequently trying to open a menu in the start menu with a right arrow will not show the new menu to the side until you slide the mouse pointer down the new menu list, and as you do, eith choice will appear.  Until then, all you see is the normal background. This often occurs with right clicking something-- the menu won't appear until you scroll the mouse over it.

2) WHen i open a window (such as "run") that has a fill in box, with a downward arrow to the right of the back, which if clicked on would give a menu of choices, the right box has a "6" in it instead of the arrow.

3)  Icons frequently get lost: the desktop or quicklaunch toolbar will lose it's normal icon and use the "default" windows icon, or often a wrong icon from a different program.  Next boot up its back to normal.

Any ideas?

1 Solution
Well I guess the first place to start would be to double check for viruses.

 Norton Web Services  
     Rating  = 4  
Go to this page and click on Scan for Viruses

It needs to download a few file so as to activate the scan so you may see a message like this.

"The Scan for Viruses uses an ActiveX program to scan your computer. The download is approximately 1.5MB and can take about 10 minutes over a 28.8 modem.

The scan can take more than 20 minutes depending on the speed of your computer and the number of files that you have. Please do not browse away from this page unless you intend to abort the scan.
Downloading Scan for Viruses controls. Please wait...
During the download, you might see one or more messages asking if it is OK to download and run these programs. Click Yes when these messages appear.
Note: Scan for Viruses does not scan compressed files"
 Trend Micro HouseCall  
     Rating  = 3
"Trend Micro's free online virus scanner
In order to better serve our customers, we ask HouseCall users to register before scanning their computer.  By registering, you will receive virus alerts from our team of Virus Doctors. You will be able to unsubscribe when you receive your first email. You can also scan without registering"

PC Pitstop Virus Scan
Our free Web-based virus scan uses Panda Software's award-winning technology and virus list. We're checking against the "wildlist," the roughly 200 viruses that are most prevalent in the world in a given month

The Crazy One
Next I would check to see if this video card has a cooling fan and if it does make sure it is working.
Also update the video and monitor drivers or at least reinstall the current ones by deleting them from the Device Manager and reinstall them.
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If you can for testing purposes use a different monitor or use this monitor on a different machine to see what happens. The some goes for the video card.
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I agree with CrazyOne's opinion. you should scan Viruses in you computer firstly. if you still unchange the problem after the scan, you can try to reload the OS
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