incorrect HDD size reported

apologies if this is asked of the list a zillion times - I did a search and web search and got mega-confused..

Basic problem:
HDD's installed : Western Digital  WD 800JB - 80GB
                  Quantum Fireball EX 6.4a

O/S Win 2000server
Disk managemet reports WD drive as 74.53GB (a 2Gb and a 72.52Gb partition)
                       Fireball as 6.01Gb

So I get clever and reboot without WD drive connected, boot on floppy, check fdisk report of Fireball and indeed it says 6150Mb size.
I delete, create Fireball partition but cannot get above 6150Mb.
Now I'm stumped.
I'm reckoning it's a simple answer but for the life of me I cannot find or think of it.
All help greatly appreciated.

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Theres nothing much to it.......a Gig is 1,048,000 megabytes.......(i think that's the right number) and a meg is 1,048,000 i think i've got that right........
anyway the upshot is that you will never get the 'true' drive size reported by the WILL get close tho...

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a meg is NOT a million bytes its actually a little more than that......and so with a gig........
How many GBs is the Fireball supposed to be 6.4GBs. Are you just missing .39 GBs. It could be they rounded up or 6.4Gbs is the maximum possible use and some isn't useable normally. Before I answer I want to know the firball's size. how much is being lost?
McBarryAuthor Commented:
Thanks folks,
I was starting to think of crunching big numbers - your thought have confirmed that idea. I'll do that tonight and in the meantime thanks to all replies
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