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some sound???? this is very important i just dont have enough points!!!!!!!!!!!

someone please help me! all of the sudden yesterday i boot up my IBM thinkpad with WIN 98 and i hear no sounds!(like the start up sound)so i check everything and when i say everything i mean it! i went through the microsoft sound troubleshooter and verified everything finally it told me to elicit web help but not for 35$!!!! i also downloaded a virus checker and ran it through my hard drive and nadda zip zilch and when i play my media player i see the visualizations but no sound but when i go into yahoo messanger and play the audio setup test i hear that but no alert that im getting an IM???? i have gotten an error message in my media player also and this isnt verbatim but something along the lines of you may have one or more damaged files so please someone help me!!!!!!!!!whats wrong did i do it? how can i fix it????  ok i just went into my media player to play a wav file and a midi files and both play just no sound help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 Solution
try this
boot to dos (tap F8 during boot and choose command prompt only)
then from the prompt type
scanreg /restore
choose a date before this happened
note the space between scanreg and /restore
Greetings, crazy_wht_gurl!
   Were you able to play sound before?  If this program only started yesterday, check for corrupt files and registry. Select Start > Run and type SFC. Are there any corrupt files here?  To restore the registry, select Start > Run and type scanreg /restore. Select a date before this occurs.
   If you never had sound, check with the person that you bought it from and ask him when it last work. Does he have the recovery disk with the sound driver? If not, get a sound driver from the manufacturer website.  Delete the sound driver in Device Manager and reinstall the driver. System may be asked for a driver. Have the recovery disk or sound driver available.

Best wishes, war1
crazy_wht_gurlAuthor Commented:
i did and it told me system operation failed what now?
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crazy_wht_gurlAuthor Commented:
yes it had sound up until a few days ago
  Have try restoring the sound driver?

   Sorry for repeating your restore suggestion. I missed it. :{
crazy_wht_gurlAuthor Commented:
how do u do that i dont have any disks for that i bought this laptop with 98 already on it
   If you have not done so, do a check for file corruption. Select Start > Run and type SFC and click OK.
   Find out what is manufacturer of your sound card and download it from their website. To find out what is the make and model of your sound card, select Start > Run and type msinfo32 and click OK.
crazy_wht_gurlAuthor Commented:
crazy_wht_gurlAuthor Commented:
i finally found a place to get the new driver and i want to thank you for helping me find the answer to my problem because otherwise i would have taken it to a repair place and they want my first born son ;-) THANK YOU!
crazy_wht_gurl, Glad I could help.

I had to write this offline last night after my ISP cut me off while I was reading the question.  It's written now and, although I see that you found a solution, you might like to copy this for future reference as it MAY help you with similar problems if the driver solution doesn't work. What I'm really saying is - It's written now so I might as well paste it here !!

Here's a bunch of things you can look at and I'll guarantee that you'll learn a lot about your PC's settings and be proud of yourself if you can fix the problem.

Have you tried playing a .WAV, .MP3 or other audio file with Media Player while you are connected to the Internet, and does it say anything about "connecting to a site to download codecs"?

Try composing a new email and use the Format > Background > Sound  and browse to a .WAV file. Save the email and then load it again. Does the sound play without media player?

Open Sound Recorder from your Start Menu > Accessories > somewhere (or Start > Run "SNDREC32") and see if it is capable of loading and playing a .WAV file.

Use the Start > Run option and type in "DXDIAG" (without the ""). If you have DirectX properly installed, you will get a comprehensive diagnostics menu which has options to "TEST" different sond devices.

Do you have the icon for your Volume Control sitting in your System Tray?  If so, open it (I seem to recall it's a right-click). Alternatively use the Start > Run again and type "SNDVOL32".  Are there any of the sliders "Muted" with a checkmark and are they all turned up?  Use the "Options > Advanced Controls" to reveal ALL the sliders and check them.  Use the "Options | Properties" menu to see if there are any glaring irregularities or if your sound rendering device is wrong.

Use Start > Settings > Folder Options (Or Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options) and open the "File Types" tabs.
Scroll down to any audio file types you see and click once on them. Click "Edit"  You will see an "Actions" field with entries such as Open and Play. Click on one of them and then "Edit" again.  Does one of the fields at the top read something like "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\mplayer2.exe"  /Play "%L"   or does it say something else?

NOTE: DON'T make any changes here, just click "Cancel" to back out of the windows without making any changes.

Open Media Player again. Use the View > Options menu and open the "Formats" tab. What boxes are checked?

Do you have Winamp installed and, if so, does this open when you double-click on any audio or media file types?  Do a search for the following file types and double-click them to see what happens:
*.wav, *.mid, *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.avi, *.wmf, *.mov, *.mp3, *.m3u

Have you recently installed any games or educational software such as Encarta?  These can be guilty of messing with your audio settings as can a voice modem.

One thing which immediately comes to mind is the I-MTX.A Virus (W95-MTX) virus which deliberately infects files which the author knows are often used to connect to the Internet such as Messenger, Media Player etc. It will also set these to start up when you boot the computer.  You say that you downloaded a Virus Checker from the Internet and ran it.  Did you also download and install the most recent update (definition or .dat file) for it?  Symantec has a specific fix tool for this virus:
You should observe the instructions to boot into safe mode, then open an MS DOS box, and run it from the folder you saved it to using the command FIXMTX /a > fixlog.txt (this saves the results to a text file and you can check if any files weren't repaired).

I firmly suspect that this is just a configuration problem which can be checked or fixed very easily.*****

Use Start > Control Panel  and see if your sound card/chip/software is mentioned (maybe something like SoundMAX or Creative Soundblaster). Open it and see if there is a facility to restore "Defaults".

The most obvious place where settings could be wrong or are likely to have been altered by an installation is the "MultiMedia" icon in your Control Panel.  Here you should take a note of ALL the settings, then see what happens when you change maybe a "Preferred Playback Device".  The "Audio" and "Devices" tabs are the places to look for anything which is disabled, obviously wrong, or has a "Set Default" option which you could try and use to restore sound.  There are a lot of options which can be altered, and this is why you should always take comprehensive notes of any changes made so you can restore them again if it doesn't work, or disables something else.

Can you hear a music CD Playing?

*****  How wrong I was :-)

As I said, just a few things to check out before getting worried

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