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How to scan the entire string to look for a specific character

     i declare a variable: dim str as string. Next i extract a data from the database and store it into the str variable.
      Now i need to scan the string. The data extract from my database contains the characters which is shown here: eg: Name <<Tag>> Age <<Tag>>.
      Now i stuck as i do not know how to scan the string which is store in the str variable. i want to search for the  "<<Tag>>" character and delete the "<<Tag>>" character so my result of the scanning will end in this way: "Name      Age"
      can anyone pls help me with this problem...
Thank you very much
1 Solution
In VB6 you can use the Replace statement...

strNewString = Replace(str, "<<Tag>>", "")

This will replace every occurrence of <<Tag>> found in str with an empty string.
vitalstrike82Author Commented:
what if the string contains the characters like eg:    name <<Tag1>> Age <<Tag2>>. In this way i cant use the replace statement. so how do i write codes to scan....
Thanks for helping me
Private Function RemoveTags(taggedStr As String) As String
    Dim TagStartAt As Long
    Dim TagEndAt As Long
    Dim TagVal As String
    RemoveTags = taggedStr
        TagStartAt = InStr(1, RemoveTags, "<<Tag")
        ' no tags found
        If (TagStartAt = 0) Then Exit Do
        TagEndAt = InStr(TagStartAt, RemoveTags, ">>")
        TagVal = Mid(RemoveTags, TagStartAt, TagEndAt - TagStartAt + 2)
        RemoveTags = Replace(RemoveTags, TagVal, "")  ' replace found tag with empty string
End Function

' somewhere in your code....
msgbox RemoveTags(rsRecordset.Fields("FieldName").Value)

Good Luck!
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Option Explicit

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim str As String
Dim strNew As String
Dim strTemp As String
Dim i As Integer

Dim StartingChar As Integer
Dim EndingChar As Integer

    str = "name <<Tag1>> Age <<Tag2>>"
        StartingChar = InStr(1, str, "<<")
        EndingChar = InStr(1, str, ">>")
        strTemp = Mid(str, StartingChar, Abs(Len(str) - EndingChar - StartingChar))
        str = Replace(str, strTemp, "")
        StartingChar = InStr(1, str, "<<")
        EndingChar = InStr(1, str, ">>")
    Loop While StartingChar <> 0 And EndingChar <> 0
    MsgBox str

End Sub
This code will remove any tag regardless of name/type

Dim oRegExp As New RegExp
Dim cLine As String
Dim oMatches As MatchCollection
Dim oMatch As Match
With oRegExp
    .Global = True
    .MultiLine = True
    .IgnoreCase = True
End With
Set oStrmInput = oFso.OpenTextFile("c:\temp\test.txt")
cLine = "name <<Tag1>> Age <<Tag2>>."
oRegExp.Pattern = "(<<(.*?)>>)"
Set oMatches = oRegExp.Execute(cLine)
cLine = oRegExp.Replace(cLine, "")
Debug.Print cLine
P.s.: the line with oreg.execute was only for debugging

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