Creating a Uniqie ID - ASP

I have a problem in creatiing a unique id for the lots coz it's been hard for me to create an id for the lot.Lot created by the broker.

 For example: Broker 1
        I used the string L then combine of 3 alpha (aaa) and 4 numeric(0000) as a result of:
        Laaa0000 = created Lot
        Laaa0001 = second Lot created (incremented by 1)
 and so on.... up to Laaa9999
 then next to that Lot result as:
        Laab0000 = Laaa change to Laab

 What if , I created another Broker. it may result like this:

 For example: Broker 2
       Lbaa0000 = created lot
       Lbaa0001 = second lot created (also incremented by 1)
 and so on .... up to same procedure as the Broker 1.

 Hope you understand my problem.Need help asap!Thanx
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iceman_16Author Commented:
why not combine it with the broker id? (i assume they are stored in a database with unique identifiers?)

broker 1

broker 2

now they are all unique...


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If the values are being stored in database create the unique value in the database and then display it on the page.

Access set column type to AutoNumber
SQL Server set Data type to int and set Identity = Yes and you can select the Identity increment in the column following.
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