External video cards

Is it worth while to get an external video card, for my laptop?
My 500megahertz g4 laptop has a decent but non-removeable video card.
I was hoping I might be able to get an external video card for it.  Thus allowing me to play graphic intensive video games on my laptop.
I was also wondering if this would let me use a DVD burner. As of now my computer is, I believe, too slow to effectively run such a device.
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mr-macConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm known by most to be somewhat of a powerbook mod guru, but what you're suggesting is absurd.  I have never seen an external video card for any laptop, let alone one for a Mac.  This is the price you pay for buying a laptop, upgrades are either extremely costly, or non-existant.

Your best bet would be to overclock you current video card, but on the 500 it is a risky and complicated procedure.  There is nowhere to tie an external videocard into on the PBG4.

As for the DVD burner, i'm sure you probably meet the requirements for a Firewire or USB DVD burner, although i wouldn't suggest trying to put one of the apple superdrives into your case.  The only successes i've had putting a superdrive into a pre-superdrive PBG4 have been with those that run the 133mhz FSB.  I don't believe that the 500 would support the native apple superdrive, but you are more than welcome to try.

Changing the video card will have no effect on your computers ability to burn DVDs.

For a while there WERE PCMCIA video cards but they really werent worth a hill of beans and only worked with external monitors. Other than that there is no way to upgrade the video card in a portable. I dont know of any portable, Mac or PC, that has an upgradeable video card.

As far as burning DVDs MrMac is right. If you throw an external firewire DVD burner on it it shouldnt have a problem. You can run DVD burners on machines with 1/3 the power of what you have without problems. Shouldnt have a problem playing DVDs either.
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