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Computer Keeps shutting down

I have a celeron 1.7 GHz,BiosTar Main Board all Built in computer with a WD 40 GB hard drive , Windows Me is installed on it , it's a brand new computer , yesterday out of a sudden it started shutting down while i was working on it , when i try to turn it on again it would shut down again at once and sometimes even the power switch wont start it i have to wait  a few minutes before i turn it on again
What do u think?

1 Solution
If it's new I'd take it back - certainly sounds to me that you have some kind of hardware incompatibility problem.

If you don't want to take it back try swapping the memory and then the PCI cards.
The problem may be with your power supply unit. Also, make sure your CPU have adequate cooling as it may be overheated.
since it is new I would have to agree with ferg ..take it back and get it sorted out as it should not be doing that. Tinkering around with it might not be the best of ideas because in some cases this will void a warrantee.

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I suspect that your motherboard has a CPU temperature sensor on it and you either have an insufficient CPU fan or your BIOS settings for the temperature probe are set too low. Try adjusting your BIOS first. If this does not work, take the PC back to where you bought it and make them fix it.
shomaliAuthor Commented:
does it have to do with hibernate or stand by
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
No, hibernate and standby only kick in when you're *NOT* working on the system.  I would suspect a CPU heating issue as haydes007 suggested or a faulty powersupply like ShadowWarrior111 said.  Make sure the fan on hte power supply is blowing air out and not forcing air into the case.  Also, if not already there, be sure to install a case fan at the front of the case to suck cooler air into the case.

Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
So I'm assuming since you didn't leave any final comment that adding a case fan or reversing the flow of the Powersupply fan fixed it?


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