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Linked Server to Data on Netware 5.1


I have an old fox pro free table directory database which is stored on one of our novell netware 5.1 servers. This database cannot be moved and must remain on the server, I need to connect to this data from an adp project connected to an instance of SQL Server 2000. I have installed the ODBC Microsoft visual foxpro driver successfully on the sql server. I copied the free table directory to the local disk on the sql server, created an odbc connection pointing to this data and then could successfully set up a linked server to this odbc connection and connect. If i change this odbc connection or create a new one pointing to the data on the novell server I cannot connect the linked server.

I sometimes get an error message of some sort but normally just don’t get any tables returned, next time i get an error message i will post it.

I believe the problem is that sql server is not authenticating successfully on the novell server, I have tried changing the logon of the sql server and sql server agent services on the sql server machine to no avail.

I'm really stumped on this one i have asked friends and have I’ve searched the internet and found very little other than an article saying that authentication could be a problem and to check the login settings for sql servers services which I’ve done. If I had 1000 points to give I would on this as it has me completely stumped, whoever finds a way round this will be a total SQL server hero.

I’ll be very grateful for any help or information relating to my problem

Thanks in advance (creep creep)
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why not take a quick latte break, possibly have a jaz fag
then ditch the Fox pro Database, tell them somebody stole it?
dfarthingAuthor Commented:
mrgreen thanks, i tried what you suggested and it worked fine and left me feeling quite relaxed about the whole thing t'boot. I changed my mind about IT and now work nights in a maccy d's drive though.

do you fries with that?
do I get the points then?

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